A self portrait through a fractal lens of London wedding photographer Owen Billcliffe

A bit about me...

I’ve been making photos professionally since 2007, and specialising in weddings, families and events since 2011. How I got from Glasgow to London’s a long story with guest appearances from some zombies and Richard Branson, but the end result is I get to make photos full of joy and raw emotion, for people who’ll love them for the rest of their lives, and sometimes even make some new friends in the process. On balance, it’s a pretty good way to make a living…

Want to know more? Well, I’m Scottish, I love sci-fi (especially time travel), craft beer and gin, home-made bread, cats, my Nintendo Switch, and any toys or gadgets that bring a new twist to my love of making things. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just ask.

My style of wedding photography

My own favourite photos capture real unrehearsed moments in life, so I take that, add a little something of my own, and that’s what I do! Basically: you have fun and do what you like and I’m there to capture it in my own way for you. I really don’t love making you stand around for dozens of posed shots, or stopping your day to stage a moment. My golden rule is, forget about me and enjoy yourselves!

bride and bridesmaid hugging in bathroom
bride and groom portrait on the circular balconies at the andaz hotel Liverpool Street, by London wedding photographer Owen Billcliffe

Speaking of portraits...

As much as I love unposed photos, I do recommend taking half an hour after your ceremony for some family group shots and couple portraits. But I really do want to keep it short so you don’t miss too much of your reception, so I strongly recommend limiting the group shots to six, or eight at the most.

The portraits of you are much more creative, and absolutely not the ‘look at me and say cheese’ variety – so you really don’t need to be good ‘posers’. It’s just ten minutes away from the crowd, enjoying each other’s company while I scoot around finding cool angles. Anything unconventional that flouts tradition is fine by me!

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