Liz & Will’s engagement photography in Bushy Park Woodland Gardens


This Bushy Park engagement photography was one of my favourites so far this year, combining beautiful woodland scenery, sunset, and a gorgeous couple very much in love – it was a lot of fun!

I’ve always said that booking an engagement photography session with me is easily the best way to make your wedding photos the best they can be. It gives you a chance to spend some time with me making photos before the wedding day, so you’ll feel much more comfortable and natural on the big day.

And although I sadly won’t be there for Liz and Will’s big day as they’ll be having a small family wedding in the USA (where Liz is from), by the end of this session we’d broken all of the ice and had a great time together. Will even mentioned to me, before the session he’d been a bit unsure what to expect and if he’d be into it, but by the end he’d really enjoyed it. And that’s the goal!

In fact every couple probably feels a bit unsure what to expect before an engagement session with me, whether it’s in Bushy Park’s Woodland Gardens, or anywhere else in London they feel comfortable. And that’s just because none of my clients are ‘models’ – so far, anyway – and their only experience of being photographed has been the traditional ‘stand there, say cheese’ stuff, and that’s just not my bag, baby.

With my engagement photography sessions it’s all about having a walk and a snuggle and being yourselves, while I run around finding great angles and chasing that setting sun behind you. Super easy, and you’ll have some wonderful photos of yourselves to cherish afterwards.