Chiswick House & Gardens was the magnificent location for Jenn & Frederick’s summer wedding, and one of my favourite venues in London – I think I could be a Chiswick House wedding photographer every weekend and find something new to try every time.

Situated in West London between two of the busiest roads into Chiswick, it’s a true gem that I’d driven past dozens of times and never really noticed. If you’ve never been, you should pay a visit: inside those perimeter walls lies a vast, gorgeous estate offering a blend of history, natural beauty, and architectural splendour few London venues can match. It’s simply perfect for a wedding day.

Here’s 25 of my favourite photos from J&F’s Chiswick House wedding, and I think you’ll get the idea why I love it so much!



Could Chiswick House & Gardens be perfect for your wedding?

If you’re dreaming of a wedding surrounded by breathtaking beauty, timeless elegance, and historical grandeur, Chiswick House & Gardens has got it all. Nestled in the heart of West London, this majestic estate provides the ideal backdrop for capturing cherished moments on your big day.

Steeped in history, the House & Gardens boasts a rich heritage dating back to the 18th century. The exquisite architecture is influenced by the neo-Palladian style and features grand columns, graceful arches, and ornate details, creating a classical atmosphere for your day that comes across in the photos. And it’s effortlessly complemented by the immaculately manicured gardens, designed by renowned landscape architect William Kent

I love photographing Chiswick House weddings

For wedding photographers like me, Chiswick House & Gardens is a dream come true. Honestly, I could have spent HOURS longer here just exploring with J&F – although my main goal is always to get you back to the party as soon as possible!

Every corner of the whole estate offers some kind of scenic and creative photo opportunity. From the iconic Italian-style gardens with their meticulously lined pathways to the serene lakeside views and hidden alcoves, there’s no shortage of idyllic spots.

A very popular location is the bridge, just a 2 minute golf buggy ride from the Conservatory where most ceremonies take place. On a particularly sunny spring or summer day it can feel exactly like you’ve been transported to an Italian castle estate. And for family group shots I love the avenue leading down to Chiswick House itself, under the shade of the huge tree that stretches over the whole path.

An all-year-round wedding venue

Chiswick House & Gardens transforms throughout the year with the changing seasons, creating an ever-evolving canvas of opportunities for me to make new photos. In the spring, vibrant blooms blanket the gardens adding a burst of color and freshness to your portraits. Summer invites warm sunlight to bathe the gardens, and dappled sunlight spills through the tree-lined pathways as we wander through them. Autumn brings a symphony of golden hues, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Even in winter there’s plenty of striking images to be made if you lean into the seasonality and wrap up warm!

The wedding team at Chiswick House & Gardens

As a Chiswick House wedding photographer I love that I can find new photographs to make every time I’m there. But perhaps more important than all of this is the wedding team behind the scenes that make it all happen, and they’re a pleasure to work with.

As well as devoting themselves to making your wedding day go off without a hitch (they’ll even ensure there’s always someone on hand to ferry those that need assistance around in a golf buggy!) they’ve always taken great care of their fellow suppliers too; before my first wedding here they spent 90 minutes giving me the tour, answering questions, and making suggestions. Then on the day they kept me fed and watered too – they care about everything!

So if you’re planning a wedding here and like my style of work I’d love to be your Chiswick House wedding photographer – get in touch to find out more.