UPDATE, April 21st 2020: If you’re visiting my website after seeing my interview with Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News this morning, welcome! I really appreciate your interest – feel free to send me an email to say hello (hello@owenbillcliffe.co.uk), it’s nice to hear from people! We’re all in this together.

The COVID19 pandemic has effectively shut down the wedding industry, and indeed anything else that depends on social gatherings, for the foreseeable future. I currently have lost everything from March to June, with some cancelling and most postponing. Technically I could be back to work by July, but the longer this goes on, the more likely that those later summer weddings will end up moving too. I stand to lose at least 60% of my income this year, probably much more.

If you’ve had to cancel or postpone your wedding, I truly feel for you, and if you’re one of my clients I’ll do everything I can to help make your new date work.

But if you’re a photographer yourself, you may be wondering how you’ll survive, pay your bills, support your family. When will this end? When can we shoot again?

Over on my London event photography website I’ve posted a blog with a bunch of resources you can check out. it’s far from exhaustive, just a collection of resources I’ve found myself or been emailed about. There’s not much in the way of money available I’m afraid, but plenty of practical advice and moral support from an entire community of photographers and our suppliers that are suffering along with you. Please do check it out, especially the Nine Dots community, and drop me a line to say hello. We’re all in this together.

Check out my list of Coronavirus survival resources for photographers here.