Whenever I arrive to photograph the wedding reception and spot a magician wowing the guests with some close-up magic I know it’s going to be a great party and I’m going to get some fantastic photos. Not that you can’t have fun or get great photos without a splash of magic, but I promise you nothing keeps your guests talking about your wedding reception quite like a magician blowing their minds. So today I’m going to share a few photos from one of the best I’ve worked with recently, Matthew Le Mottée, Master of Mystery.

To be honest, Matthew doesn’t need me shouting about him because he’s incredibly accomplished and in very high demand. He won the Magic Circle’s Close Up Magician Of The Year three years in a row, has performed to a national TV audience on the BBC’s One Show, held a 10-week 100-show residency in Europe, and performs in some of London’s highest rated venues. So in a way this is a purely self-motivated recommendation on my part because I just have so much fun capturing wedding guests having their minds blown by Matthew.

He’s also more than ‘just’ one of the best close-up magicians in the world, offering a Toast Master service that’ll keep your guests and speeches on track all the way through to evening party. This is something that’s often overlooked during wedding planning but always pays dividends on the day as getting everyone’s attention can be a little like herding cats! So having a professional keep everything moving along frees you up to just enjoy your own party.

If you’re looking to bring a little magic to your wedding day I can highly recommend Matthew Le Mottée – here’s some of my photos of him in action, then check out his website for more info.

I only recommend wedding suppliers that I love working with and want to shout about. Nobody pays me anything at all for a recommendation, neither a fee nor a commission. They might return the favour on their own website if they feel the same way about working with me but even that isn’t a condition, it’s entirely up to them.