It’s fair to say that Marylebone is one of my favourite central London wedding venues. From the beautiful stone pillars outside (which catch the most stunning soft light for wedding portraits) to the gorgeous wood-panelled ceremony rooms, to THOSE steps perfect for group shots, you just can’t go wrong.

For Fenella and Harry’s wedding they chose the Westminster Room for the ceremony, where they were suitably upstaged by their daughter, and then took a Routemaster bus to The Ivy Tower Bridge to celebrate with all their guests.

This seems to be a really popular combination! It’s my third time at a Marylebone/Ivy Tower Bridge wedding, and my fourth time at Ivy Tower Bridge for a reception. It’s an especially great venue during daylight hours as the floor-to-ceiling windows all along two sides of the room let in so much wonderful light, and of course in the evening Tower Bridge looks spectacular all lit up.

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