An August wedding at Gaynes Park

There’s nothing quite like a tranquil picturesque wedding out in the countryside, and Gaynes Park really hits the spot. But when Sophie and Phil asked me to be their Gaynes Park wedding photographer it was a triple win for me: on top of their excellent venue choice, I’ve known Sophie for years already, and I hit it off with Phil from our very first meeting, in spite of (or perhaps because of?) my clumsily knocking my own pint over and nearly soaking the sample album I’d brought them to check out. Maybe it was endearing?

Between you and me, reader, I’d have done anything and gone anywhere for these two. Phil’s so warm, kind and positive it’s no secret why Sophie’s fallen for him! And Sophie just lights up the room with her positive attitude and beaming smile, so they could have been getting married in a McDonald’s for all I cared, I just knew I wanted to spend the day with them.

A few days after their wedding I picked out a few favourites and made them a sneak preview teaser trailer to keep them going while they waited for their full gallery. It flies by pretty quickly, but that’s the point of a teaser, right?



100+ Gaynes Park wedding photos to enjoy

I told you it went pretty quick, right! So if you’d like to take your time here’s a selection of my own favourites from my day being Sophie & Phil’s Gaynes Park wedding photographer, and I’ve tried to pick out photos that feel the most like ‘my’ style, as well as telling their wedding story.

By the way if you like my stylish cinematic wedding photography and you’re planning your own Gaynes Park wedding (or know of someone who is) I’d love to have a chat about it – just get in touch to say hello and we’ll take it from there. And check out my Instagram to see more of my favourite photos!


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