Alice and Rob, thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your wedding day. I’ve had the most lovely day with you all, it was an absolute joy. There was just so much love for you, and so many happy tears! And the weather couldn’t dampen your spirits – if anything it seemed to make everyone more determined to enjoy themselves, and I’m still in awe of that beautiful sky after dinner. And I got some great photos, it was just a pleasure all day long for me. Thank you for being so welcoming and just so much fun.

I’ve already had a quick peek and picked out these few that stood out for me, by no means a story of the day, just a teaser really. There’s so many more to come, hopefully these’ll keep you going till then. And thank you all again, so much!

You’re welcome to share any of these on Instagram and I’ll be super grateful for a mention in the caption – I’m @owenbphoto, thank you very much!