Dearest Romy & Yemi, OMG.

I have absolutely no idea how you made it seem so easy, but WOW, you knocked it out the park yesterday, I’m still kind of emotional over how it all came together, and how utterly lovely you were to work with. Honestly, it’s been an absolute joy, you’re SO great together. And all your family and friends were just a delight to spend the day with too, thank you so much for trusting me and letting me into your lives for that special day.

I wanted you to have something to enjoy as soon as possible, you deserve it! So I’ve picked out just a few photos that jumped out at me, it’s not the story of your day but hopefully these bring back a few memories and keep you going until it’s all ready to share.

I know you’re not on ‘socials’ much but feel free to grab any to share there or on email. I’m @owenbphoto on Instagram if you do share any there, give me a mention and I’ll come and say hello!