The photos you print are the ones you'll enjoy the most.

It doesn’t seem right to invest in beautiful wedding photos and leave them gathering digital dust on a hard drive. Even the pics we print and stick to the fridge get more love, more often, than the ones trapped on our phone. Just the act of putting ink to paper brings those memories to life in a way that scrolling through hundreds on a screen never will.

For me, your wedding photos are finished when you’re holding your album in your hands. You’ll eat the cake, drink the champagne, and put the outfits back in the wardrobe. But you’ll always have your wedding album, and you’ll always love it.

Designed by me, especially for you.

If the thought of designing a book feels daunting, don’t worry, I’ve got you. The hardest part for you is choosing your favourites!

Just pick them out in your gallery, then let me know when you’re done. I’ll design a draft that tells the story of your day, and send you a draft design to check out online.

Then we’ll make any changes you want till it’s done. It’s that easy.

Make it your own.

Handmade in Yorkshire.

Trusted by professional photographers the world over, the dedicated team at Folio Albums are world leaders in the art of handcrafted wedding albums.

From cutting your cover material, to laying out the debossing dies, to inspecting each and every page before it’s wrapped up, your book is in excellent hands.

A priceless investment in your family's legacy.

A handmade album starts at just £500 when you order it with your wedding photography at booking. That’s far cheaper than the latest iPhone, and it’ll last a lot longer (although to be fair, not as good for checking your email). Over 50 years that’s an investment of 19p per week. And unlike most investments your album will only ever grow in value, for you and your family.

That price includes a 10×10 book with fifteen lay-flat double-page spreads, and the custom design sessions, and delivery. You can add extra spreads from £16 each, as well as upgrade the album size and customisations, or even add 6×6 duplicate books for parents (from just £219 each). There’s so many ways to make it your own, so for a full brochure just get in touch.