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Stylish, easy-going photography with a modern cinematic twist - these ain't your parents' wedding photos.

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Wedding photos without an album are like movies without popcorn or ice cream without a spoon. Not on my watch, baby.

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Who the devil am I, anyway?

A self portrait through a fractal lens of London wedding photographer Owen Billcliffe

I’m Owen, a taller-than-average London-based wedding photographer all the way from sporadically-sunny Glasgow (that’s me over there in the bow tie) and I’m happy to travel wherever your wedding takes us, whether it’s just the three of us, or an all-day party.

I’m really not into all that ‘traditional’ wedding photography nonsense spending all afternoon on endless portraits, especially not when there’s a party going on. Sure, we’ll do a few family group shots and even a cheeky portrait or two of you guys having a snuggle. But deep down what I love the most is unplanned photos of real moments, full of tears and laughter and memories.

That’s the stuff you’ll want to remember, so that’s what I specialise in: reportage-style wedding photography from start to finish, all wrapped up in the best book you’ve ever owned. Proper family heirloom stuff. You deserve it.

If you've read this far I must have done something right. Let's find out if I'm available for your date and we'll take it from there - cheers!

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