From the moment a wedding couple has their first meeting with me, whether it’s in person or over Zoom, we’re building a relationship of trust. That way, by the time their wedding arrives they know me well enough that they can be completely themselves in front of me, and let the photos capture who they really are together.

With Lucinda and Charlie that relationship started over a year ago in 2021 when I photographed their engagement party at Queenwood Golf Club, and culminated with four wonderful days of wedding celebrations in October 2022. First they had a small, intimate ceremony at Morden Park House with their closest family and friends, then three days in the Cotswolds with their extended guest list.

Here’s a few of my favourites from their Morden Park House wedding photography, followed by a reception at the Fire Stables in Wimbledon. A few fun facts – that suit Charlie is wearing is made by the tailors that outfit the Bond movies, and is based exactly on the suit Sean Connery wore in Goldfinger. And that’s also the same model of Aston Martin from Goldfinger too! Charlie really likes James Bond…

If you like my mostly-documentary style of wedding photography and you’re planning your own London wedding or destination wedding I’d love to have a chat about it with you. Popular dates are often booked at least a year in advance so get in touch to check my availability as soon as possible, and we’ll take it from there. Cheers!