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Hi there!

If you're reading this you must like my work, and that's such a great compliment -  thank you so much.

My style of wedding photography works just as well for small weddings and elopements as it does for full day affairs, so if you like what you see let's get together for a chat as soon as possible.

Questions & Answers

Some answers to some of the big obvious questions. For everything else I like to take a personal approach so let's have a chat and you can ask me anything. Except my collar size, I've no idea about that.

For most of it I’m a bit like a guest with a camera, getting as close as I can to what’s happening so looking through your album feels just like being there. Couples who choose me love my candid, ‘reportage’ style of photography. They don’t want to spend hours lining up for dozens of group shots or staged ‘traditional’ wedding moments that just aren’t their style. So if that sounds like you, that’s great.

We’ll do a handful of family shots after the ceremony (I recommend half a dozen or so, and I’ll help you choose them) and a few lovely portraits of you both (don’t worry if you’re not posers – I’m not either, and I’ll make it fun), but 95% of my photos are going to be all those intimate, messy, candid, real moments that you’ll absolutely LOVE to look back on years later.

My wedding photography fees always include: consultations before the wedding; travel in London; photography for up to the booked duration; editing in my signature style (to the standard you see on my website); an online highlights slideshow to share; a link to a private online gallery containing all your finished photos where you can view them all and order premium quality prints; and a downloadable zip file of the entire gallery in two sizes – one full size, and one for sharing online – with unlimited personal use. Certain packages include extra goodies too.

For small weddings of just a few hours, you’ll usually get your finished gallery 3-4 weeks after the wedding, depending how busy I am with other shoots and edits ahead of yours in the queue. I can offer priority delivery for an extra fee, typically £250 depending on availability, just let me know if that’s important to you.

Yes! It’s lovely to have a photo with all your most important family and friends, but I really do recommend sticking to half a dozen if you can, and I can help with a list of groups to go for so it doesn’t spiral out of control – you’d be surprised how long it can actually take to gather, arrange, and photograph more than a handful of people when there’s champagne flowing elsewhere. And of course it’s all time that you’re not at the party you’ve paid for, and we can’t have that!

I’m glad you asked, I absolutely LOVE wedding albums, I think it’s such an important part of cherishing your memories for years to come, and it’s the thing I’m always most excited about delivering after your wedding.

I offer lay-flat albums in two styles: machine-made leatherette books, and handmade Heirloom albums.

If you’re thinking “that’s money we could spend on more champagne!” I hear you, but honestly, I think you’ll never feel as emotional about a load of digitals on your phone or laptop as you will about a book full of memories you can hold in your hands. Looking through printed photos in a book really cements those moments in your memory and makes them feel ‘real’ in a way digital can’t match.

If your budget is getting in the way of owning an album, please do let me know. Weddings can be expensive, but this is something you’ll have literally forever, so I’ve got a few options up my sleeve to spread the cost out and help you get the album you really want.

No need to send a shot list. A couple of months or so before the wedding I’ll get back in touch with a questionnaire covering a few final bits and pieces and included in that is the only shot list I need – the formal group shots you’d like.

Of course if there’s one or two unique details you’d like a picture of definitely let me know. But I do my best work when I’m capturing what’s happening, and if I’m trying to work through a checklist I’ll miss all the good stuff.

Travel costs are included in London. For weddings outside of London I’ll add my time and expenses at cost but I’ll always let you know what these are likely to be before you book anything.

My minimum booking includes up to 90 minutes and you can use that time however you like. I’ve found one hour can be a scramble if anyone’s late, or you want to get more than a single group shot afterwards. If it does only take an hour, no worries! But I would still need to charge my 90 minute minimum.

Once we’ve finalised your package I’ll send you a link to a custom booking page, and when you pay the booking fee and return the completed forms the date is booked.

There’s a booking fee payable upfront to own the date, deducted from your total package, which is usually 50% of the total package price. I have a ‘first come, first served’ policy for all dates, so the first couple to return their completed contract and pay the booking fee gets the date.

All fees are via bank transfer (BACS) as this allows me to keep my prices as competitive as possible – I’m afraid I don’t currently accept credit cards.

The balance is due three months before the wedding. If you’re booking sooner than three months in advance I usually request the full fee at booking, but if that’s an issue just let me know.

Finally, if the cost of ordering an Heirloom album up-front is stopping you getting the album you really want, I have a couple of suggestions for spreading or easing the cost – please do ask about this if there’s any budget concerns.

Under UK copyright law the photographer owns the copyright to all the images, and the client receives a license covering the use they need. All my wedding clients have unlimited personal usage rights, which means you can do anything you like with the images so long as it’s just for yourselves.

So you can make your own prints or your own album, and share them on social media etc. But commercial use isn’t allowed so for example you can’t distribute them to your suppliers to use in their marketing, or send them to wedding blogs or magazines etc, without my permission. However, if you’d like to do either of these things let me know and I’m happy to take care of it for you for free.

Cancelling or postponing a wedding is a tough situation nobody really wants, but we do need a plan in place just in case, especially because of COVID-19. All the nitty gritty details are in the agreement we’ll both sign when booking but here’s the basics of how it works.

Once you’ve booked you now own the date, and I’ll turn down all other enquiries. So the sooner you book the more couples I’ll turn down. If you then cancel or postpone here’s what happens:

If you cancel then the booking fee paid to secure the date is non-refundable, and there may be additional fees to pay. This is because I spend a lot of time before a wedding on reading and replying to emails, attending meetings, setting up contracts, and other admin related to the big day. Even if you cancel I still need to be paid for my time and expenses so far, which comes out of the booking fee and sometimes additional cancellation fees.

If you postpone, then depending on the new date I’ll try to move the booking without any extra costs. However, depending on the season and the circumstances you may need to pay the difference if my rates have changed for the new date, and in some cases there may be a re-booking fee payable too.

What about COVID-19? That’s trickier to spell out in definite terms as it’s always changing. But I can confirm that if you need to postpone due to official COVID-19 lockdown rules then, depending on the new date, I’ll try to move your booking at no cost the first time. However, sometimes you may need to pay the difference if my rates have changed for the new date, and for multiple postponements there may be a re-booking fee but I will try to limit these costs where I can.


Check out what my photography of a wedding day looks like, from start to finish. Here's three full galleries with nothing hidden, plus a couple of slideshows, one to introduce a gallery, and one 'teaser trailer'.

Album Collections

These three collections are the most popular combinations of my à la carte pricing (further below) and there's something for everyone - #2 is the most popular for people planning a spot of private lunch after the ceremony, and #1 is perfect for just the ceremony and some group shots and portraits afterwards. After we've had a chat it'll be easy to customise something to suit you perfectly, or you can just choose what you want from the à la carte price list further below - if you don't want to enjoy your photos printed in a book just choose photography in the price list.

Collection 3 | 5 hours + Heirloom album


1800 value

More time means more options to fill the time, plus an upgrade to my handmade Heirloom albums – the best book you’ve ever owned! We could include pre-wedding prep coverage, or do a ‘first look’ before the ceremony. Or I can stay later afterwards, however you’re celebrating. Plus with your Heirloom Album I’ll add a downloadable copy of the slideshow that comes with your wedding gallery.

Popular extras with this package: engagement session

• Five hours photography
• Travel in London
• Online gallery & slideshow
• Downloadable digital files
•  30% print discount (2 weeks)

• 10x10 heirloom album (20 pages)

Collection 2 | 3 hours + leatherette book


1020 value

My most popular collection for couples who’d like photos at their lunch or dinner afterwards, or bridal prep beforehand. As an example, three hours is perfect for the ceremony and some portraits plus around 60-90 minutes of reception coverage nearby, including celebration drinks and speeches. Plus your all-important lay-flat book with 20 pages (it’s easy to add more) – it really is the only way to enjoy your photos at their best.

Popular extras with this package: additional hours coverage; additional album spreads; Heirloom album upgrade; engagement session

• Three hours photography
• Travel in London
• Online gallery & slideshow
• Downloadable digital files
•  30% print discount (2 weeks)

• 10x10 lay-flat leatherette book (20 pages)

Collection 1 | 90 minutes + leatherette book


775 value

If you just want photos of the ceremony plus a few group shots and portraits after, this is the collection for you. It’s long enough to cover arrivals, ceremony, confetti and congratulations, and a few group shots and portraits outside the venue or nearby. Then enjoy your favourites in a custom-designed 10×10 leatherette lay-flat book with 10 spreads (20 pages), truly the best way to enjoy your photos in the years to come. Plus I’ll give you and your guests 30% off all your orders from the gallery for the first two weeks.

Popular extras with this package: additional album spreads; Heirloom album upgrade; engagement session.

• Ninety minutes photography
• Travel in London
• Online gallery & slideshow
• Downloadable digital files
•  30% print discount (2 weeks)

• 10x10 lay-flat leatherette book (20 pages)

à la carte

If you don't want to enjoy your photos printed in an album, or you want to customise one of the album collections above, choose what you want from my standard à la carte price list. There's a 20% discount off any albums or an engagement shoot if you order them at the same time as booking your wedding photography - prices in brackets show the discounted price.


My photography-only fees include consultations, travel in London, photography on the wedding day, all the editing, six months of gallery hosting, and one full download of the finished digital files with unlimited personal use, plus a 30% prints discount for the first two weeks of the gallery.

Ninety minutes | £475
Three hours | £725
Hourly | £250/hr (min. 4 hours)

Heirloom Albums

Handmade in Yorkshire using the finest materials and archival inks, with lay-flat Art White pages bound in linen, leather, silk, or vegan material. Price includes 10-spread custom design with your favourite images, and UK delivery. I’ll include a 20% discount when you order your album with a Collection at booking.

Click here for the full Heirloom Album brochure.

12×12 Main Album | £650 (£520)
10×10 Main Album | £550 (£440)
Additional spreads | £20/each (£16)

6×6 Mini Duplicates | £300 (£240)
Additional spreads | £5/each (£4)

Leatherette Books

An affordable alternative to the handmade Heirloom album, this lay-flat photo book features Matt Art paper and a leatherette cover engraved with your choice of title.  Price includes 10-spread (20 page) custom design with your favourite images, and UK delivery. There’s a 20% discount when you order your album with a Collection at booking.

10×10 Main Album | £300 (£240)
Additional spreads | £10/each (£8)

10×10 Duplicates | £240 (£192)
8×8 Duplicates | £215 (£172)
Additional spreads | £8/each (£6.40)

(8×8 is only available as a duplicate size. Duplicates ordered separately from your main book or delivered to a different address incur an additional £15 UK delivery charge)

Engagement Sessions

It’s basically a mini-date with me tagging along to make great photos of you being all cosy together. Compared to how I shoot a wedding day the images will be a bit more artistic, and I’ll help out with a bit of direction where you need it. And as a bonus we’ll feel even more like friends by your wedding day.

Includes a 60-90 minute session anywhere in London, a gallery, and downloadable printable digitals.

Engagement Session | £375 (£300)

What happens next?

Like what you see? Got a few questions? Ready to book? Great! Whatever stage you're at let's get together on Zoom or Skype for a chat and we'll take it from there. No pressure, no hard sell, just a friendly conversation to say hello and help you decide if I'm the one. If you're ready to book then all I need to know is which Collection you'd like. Or just pick what you need from the à la carte price list and I'll work out the best collection discount for you. I look forward to hearing from you!