Strand on the Green Engagement Session

Hannah and Joe wanted a Strand On The Green engagement session so they could ‘practise’ for their wedding day, which is a great reason to have one! But even if you you think an engagement session “isn’t our style” you’d be surprised and hopefully very pleased with what we make together. For your own London engagement photos I always recommend picking somewhere that means something special to you – Hannah and Joe chose a Strand on the Green engagement session as it was close to where they lived and had spent many happy weekends together.

Some couples like to go for a walk, treat it as a mini-date, and try to ignore me (fine by me!), others are more into having fun with unusual takes on the usual poses (also fine by me!), but the one piece of advice I’ll always give you is to just be yourselves. Whether you’re a couple that likes to be silly, or a couple that likes to just quietly enjoy each other’s company, on an engagement session we’ll make photos that capture that side of you together.



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