As a Twickenham wedding photographer I’m often at the most popular Twickenham wedding venues, such as The Lensbury, St Mary’s Church, and of course the wonderful Strawberry Hill House. But I don’t just shoot the big all-day weddings, I’m just as happy shooting smaller, more intimate weddings at venues like York House. So whatever you’re planning for your Twickenham wedding I’d love to be there for you.

Here’s a selection of wedding photos from a recent all-day wedding across all three of those gorgeous venues mentioned above, starting with bridal prep in the morning at the Lensbury, onto the ceremony at St Mary’s (by the way – they don’t like wedding photographers very much, and only allow us to shoot from the back, which is worth bearing in mind if you’re considering that church) and finishing with the reception at Strawberry Hill House. This is just a tiny selection from the day, capturing some lovely candid moments, and some lovely portraits too. A lot of wedding photographers spend aaages making portraits, keeping you away from your party, and that’s something I try to avoid as I’d much rather let you spend as much time as possible with your guests. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take 15 minutes to go for a walk and make some beautiful photos together!

My candid style also means that I don’t get too precious about ‘perfection’. I’m there to document the day, and of course I want to make it all look beautiful and perfect, but real life isn’t perfect and I get on best with people who feel the same way. So that means a lot of ‘real life moments’ go into your gallery – for example a shot of a guest pulling an ‘ugly’ face in a funny moment with a friend, or an off-guard moment during prep. Little moments like these make up the rich tapestry of our lives, and that’s what I want to capture with my wedding photography – the little moments, as well as all the obvious big wedding moments!

Anyway, here’s a collection of Twickenham wedding photography focussing on lovely candid and posed moments – if you like these sorts of photos I’d love to hear from you.