It’s my great pleasure to share just a teeny tiny sneak preview of some of my favourite photos from Sarah & Jamie’s wonderful wedding day at St Peter the Apostle Church in Woolwich, and The Ivy Tower Bridge.

A wedding takes a ton of planning, and I know Sarah and Jamie (but, let’s be honest, especially Sarah) excelled in that department. But a really special wedding has something you just can’t plan, or fake on the day; a kind of bottled magic that just… happens. A combination of love, laughter, friendship, and trust, plus a sprinkling of good luck. I was only with you for six (and a bit) hours but I loved every second and came home absolutely buzzing, and that’s because of you and your family and friends being an absolute pleasure to spend the day with. I’m thrilled for you, and I hope you love this very small preview of what we created together. Lots more to come!



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