Creative, colourful & candid wedding photography at Southwark Register Office

Every wedding is worth remembering with professional photography that captures all those unrepeatable moments, all the nervous glances and the laughter and even the tears. That’s why as a Southwark Register Office wedding photographer I want to be there for you no matter how many guests will be at the ceremony with you. I’ve photographed Southwark weddings with as few as four guests, up to at least a few dozen, and I made beautiful candid, creative photographs for everyone.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite Southwark wedding photos, capturing all those joyful moments, as well as a few stylish portraits. And don’t forget, none of my clients are ‘posers’ – in fact every single couple I’ve ever photographed have said to me “we don’t like posing” – and we still made some stunning pictures of them enjoying a post-wedding snuggle. So if these are the sorts of pictures you’re looking for at your own Southwark wedding, get in touch and let me know, I’d love to find out more.

31 of my favourite Southwark wedding photos