The price you pay covers these three essentials:

My time

From the moment we meet to the moment you receive your finished photos I'll dedicate dozens of hours to you, your wedding, and doing the best work I can for you.

My skills

Taking the photo is easy - it's being in the right place at the right time that takes years of experience. And it all starts with a good plan, and wraps up with a careful edit.

My costs

Cameras, lenses, computers, software, websites, insurance, accountants, education... there's a lot going on behind the scenes, and you're worth every penny.

Let's see how it all breaks down...

My time

How long do I dedicate to each couple?

I start spending time on your wedding from the moment we meet, putting in at least half a dozen hours before the big day in planning and consultations, and then many more hours in editing and album design afterwards. On average I dedicate at least 40 hours of my time to every full day wedding.

And all-day weddings also benefit from my pledge that I’ll not book another one the day before or the day after. That way all of my energies are dedicated to you!

Before the wedding

I spend about 45-90 minutes getting to know my couples first. Then in my pre-wedding prep I'll dedicate another few hours to finalising details and working out my schedule with you, plus one last catch-up call before the big day.

After the wedding

I dedicate at least 15-20 hours to selecting the final photos, editing each one individually, creating a custom slideshow set to music, and building your gallery website. Album design adds another 5-6 hours on average.

My skills

Pre-wedding planning

With 15+ years experience I could get away with doing what lots of other photographers do, and just rock up without any planning at all. But you deserve better than that.

I've learned to anticipate a ton of potential on-the-day issues so that you don't have to. By walking you through my pre-wedding planning process we'll iron out any nasty surprises and all you'll have to do is enjoy yourselves. And even if our best-laid plans go out the window on the day I've got the experience to just roll with it, baby.

bridesmaid applies makeup before wedding
My skills

On the day

Knowing where I'll need to be to capture The Kiss is one thing; getting there in plenty of time is another; getting the shot while still capturing your mum in tears and your dad feeling so proud, without getting in the way, and making it seem effortless - that's the real trick.

Now multiply that by every single unrepeatable moment of your wedding day!

My skills

The finished photos

All my photos are individually edited in the style I've developed over the last 15 years. First I'll personally select every photo I'll use to tell your story, using my experience of who you are to help make the choice. Then I start to edit, adjusting each and every photo one by one. Whether I'm cropping in on a moment, going B&W for dramatic effect, painting out blemishes, or simply adjusting the exposure, it's only finished when I'm happy.

My costs

What does it cost me to create your photos?

I bring two professional mirrorless cameras, half a dozen lenses, and a bunch of technical bits and bobs to every wedding and it all needs annual maintenance and the occasional repair, or even full replacement.

I use a desktop at the office, a laptop on the road, and dozens of terabytes of drive space, which all needs replacing or upgrading every 4-5 years. Then I budget monthly and annual fees for editing and album design software, gallery & website hosting, client management & cloud backup services, and other essential admin tools.

There’s insurance for your venue and my equipment, plus accountancy fees, and even an education budget as I’m always learning from fellow photographers via Patreon, mentoring, and workshops. And then there’s per-wedding costs like travel and hotels. Plus I need to pay myself too – there’s no sick pay, holiday pay, or employee pension as a freelancer!

In short: running a professional, responsible, creative business isn’t cheap, but that’s what it takes to do what I do – and you’re worth it.

So... what do you actually get from me in the end?

40+ hours

All dedicated to the art of making your wedding photos the best they can be.

500+ photos

Quality over quantity, but there’s no limits. If I love it then it goes in the gallery.

An online gallery

A beautiful online gallery to share with family & friends. Works on any device, with six months hosting included.

A digital archive

A downloadable digital archive with all the finished photos in high resolution and unlimited personal use.

A bespoke album

Optional, but absolutely essential. A physical book to cherish, and a timeless way to enjoy your treasured memories at their best.

Figures relate to the average 10-hour wedding wedding and will be lower for shorter weddings. I’m sure you can work that out but who doesn’t love a bit of qualifying small print?