Yanin and Ming got married in south London, and had their reception at Hixter restaurant, and we had a great time making photos together! On our first call together I happened to mention I was having a Sunday afternoon G&T as we chatted, and straight away they told me about the amazing gins and craft beers they were going to be having at the party, and how they’d make sure I got one. The perfect clients! 😉

We started with a First Look session before the ceremony. I think these might be a bit more popular at US weddings, but I love them. It’s just you and me getting together before your ceremony, away from all your family and friends, and it’s the first time you’ll see each other all dressed up for your wedding. You get that moment to be together and go all smushy in relative privacy away from your guests – well, I’m there obviously, but I don’t get involved, I just photograph the smiles and kisses and hugs! – and then compose yourselves for the ‘real thing’.

Hixter wedding reception

Then after the ceremony we got everyone together for some family and friends group shots in their private garden, including a fab action shot with the basketball team (their timing may need some work…) and then onto Hixter where Yanin and Ming had a polaroid camera and tons of film so that everyone could take photos of themselves and write a message on the print. And of course there were all those G&T’s, and I even got to have one – what great clients!

Here’s a selection of my favourite photos from Yanin & Ming’s wedding day. If you’d like to see more of my wedding photography from this venue I’ve got a whole page about it over here, please do check it out so you can get a good feel for my candid, creative style.

And of course if you like my work and you’re looking for your own wedding photographer (or know of someone who is) I’d love to have a chat about it – just get in touch to say hello and we’ll take it from there. I always like to start with at least a video chat so you can tell me more about your wedding day plans. And if you just want to see even more photos check out my Instagram where I post all of my favourite work. Cheers!